How the time of day can affect you

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Daylight Savings Time has been a hotly debated topic in recent years, with many voicing their concerns about the clock change.

Whether you are for or against the clock change.

It’s important to know how the change in time can affect you.

Politicians like Dusty Johnson even banded together to introduce a bill to eliminate time-shifting.

“This is an issue that seems to excite people as much as anything, they don’t want to work the hours anymore, and they especially hate losing that hour of sleep,” said Rep. Dusty Johnson, (R) South Dakota.

He attributes this to disruptions in sleep cycles

“It creates a lot of confusion, and it’s actually harmful to health because of it, and that’s why I was the leader of the bill that said stop the madness, let’s keep these hours in daylight saving time all year.” said Johnson.

Karla Salem, an integrative health therapist in Sanford, says that changes in time can have different effects.

“A lot of people will track these little signs and really ignore them, which may not make a huge difference, but it can affect some people,” said Carla Salem, an integrative health therapist.

He says these effects can take many forms.

“Our serotonin becomes a little more efficient for a lot of people, which then creates a little bit of a mood swing, a little bit more depression and a little bit of isolation,” Salem said.

Even though the effects of solar radiation exist, many people are still confused about this topic.

“There are three different camps, there are people who like the way it goes between standard time and daylight saving time. Then you have people who like standard time. Then you have people who like daylight saving time,” Johnson said.

For those who may experience the effects of daylight, Salem recommends going to bed earlier than usual and getting up earlier.

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