here are the news that make WhatsApp tremble

The challenge between Telegram e WhatsApp it is more open than ever. The two popular instant messaging services continue to give them a blessing, responding blow for blow to every new move of the direct opponent.

As always, however, Telegram proves to be a step ahead of WhatsApp: it is useless to deny it. This is confirmed by the latest and very rich update that brings with it several new features. Let’s analyze them in detail.

Telegram is serious: the news of the latest update

For starters, Telegram groups with more than 200 members can enable the creation of topic, giving rise to distinct sub-categories based on specific topics. This should greatly facilitate the use of content and messages within particularly large groups.

Telegram (1)

Space for the collectible usernames. Their operation is similar to that of standard usernames and they appear regularly in search results. They can be less than 5 characters long and their reliability is guaranteed by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network: it is possible to buy and sell them on a dedicated platform.

Telegram usernames collectible

Another killer feature that came as a surprise with the latest update is the transcription for video messages. Telegram Premium subscribers were immediately able to convert any voice message into text. Now, this convenience also applies to video messages, the content of which can therefore be read as well as listened to.

Telegram transcription for video messages

In addition to what was described a moment ago, the recent Telegram update offers 12 new sets of emojis, new interactive emojis and reactions, a redesigned night mode on iOS (with more balanced colors and better blur effects), a more complete resizing of the text on Android (which also includes message text, link previews, response titles, and more). To top it all off, the final “dig” on the Telegram blog makes you smile:

“We apologize for not being able to celebrate Halloween on time this year, as it took Apple two weeks to approve the update.”

In short: Telegram has something for everyone.

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