Google working to add native NFTS support for Android

One of the historical problems of Android has always been compatibility with i filesystem most common in the environment Windows and in general on USB sticks o SD card come exFAT e NFTS, but gradually things are about to change and perhaps soon you will be able to read formatted media without problems even in the filesystem di Windows.

If indeed some manufacturers like Samsung allow for a long time, at least for exFAT, to mount non-FAT32 formatted media, for NFTS it’s a bit more complicated and you have to rely on third-party solutions like the Paragon app or file manager plugins. But now the compatibility for the format has been integrated into the kernel Linux 5.15 and the always attentive Mishaal Rashman found that Google added ntfsfix, a utility for troubleshooting common NFTS problems, in SELinux, the Linux kernel security module.

According to the editor, this is only the first step, as for full NFTS support there is still a need for afunctional NTFS implementation and updates for the assembly serviceo violence (the Android volume daemon), to mount NTFS drives, but the presence of the patch is a excellent start and suggests they are working on it.

Obviously for the moment we do not talk about it, but in the vision more optimistic support should arrive for devices with Android 14 and android13-5.15 GKI kernel and later.

As anticipated at the beginning, Google had already integrated format support into the Linux kernel (since 5.10) exFATa format created by Microsoft and made open in 2019, but the actual rollout has only now arrived with Android 13, at least for the Pixels.

Gradually, therefore, and with guilty delay, Google is getting in line with the world of technology for what concern support to several storage formats very popular, right now that phones are increasingly abandoning tabs microSD (remember that Samsung’s Galaxy S series from S21 onwards is no longer equipped with a reader).

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