Google Pixel 7 is the TOP of the range that challenges iPhone 14 Pro (-6%)

Today we want to tell you about a truly exceptional, powerful and incredibly versatile smartphone. This is the Pixel 7 from Googlea top of the range with a low cost price that today, thanks to the crazy discounts of Amazon, takes home for only € 610.06 instead of € 649.00. Shipping costs are always free for members with an Amazon Prime account, but the benefits don’t end there.

Do not forget that you can take advantage of the possibility of deferring the payment in convenient installments with Cofidis and of a two-year guarantee with lots of technical assistance active every day, even on holidays, from six to midnight. In short, the premises are all excellent, but why prefer it to an iPhone 14 Pro?

Google Pixel 7: an exceptional top of the range

First, to answer this question, a clarification needs to be made. iPhone is worth buying only if you have an Apple ecosystem. If not, then Pixel 7 it will surely be the best choice you can make today on the market. It costs very little for what it offers, and is a well-respected cameraphone with exceptional lenses, crisp, beautiful display and carefully crafted. Among other things we must also mention the presence of wireless charging.

Google Pixel 7

Under the body beats a second generation Google Tensor heart, supported by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The discounted version is the black one, but it is also available in White and Lime. The camera bar is made of aluminum and resumes in satin frame on the side. Later we also find the company logo and under the USB Type-C port for charging the device.

Just € 610.06 is a wonderful product that challenges iPhone on the photographic front. The tests seen on the net speak for themselves: the Pixel manages to compete without problems and the results obtained are even higher than those of the iPhone.

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