forget the useless waste of paper (13 €)

Thanks to Jasonwell LCD whiteboard, children can finally have fun giving free rein to their imagination: drawings, scribbles, games, no limits and, above all, no waste of paper, colors or chalk. Especially in the latter case, thinking of traditional blackboards, it is easy for the little ones to bring their hands near the mouth in conditions that are not exactly “optimal” from the point of view of cleaning. Peace of mind for parents and maximum safety for children.

For a few days you will have the opportunity to get your hands on this interesting product with a ridiculous expense to say the least: complete your Amazon purchase today and, with one 15% initial discount to which is added the coupon with 20% discount to be ticked directly on the page, the Jasonwell LCD board will be yours with little more than 13 euro.

Jasonwell LCD Whiteboard on offer on Amazon at a discounted price

No harmful chemicals and no dirt in the house. With this wonderful LCD board it will be a real pleasure to draw and write, even in the educational field. Very easy to carry: you can safely store it in the child’s backpack, giving him a pleasant pastime during long car journeys. We are not talking about the usual monochrome tablet designed for the little ones: the Jasonwell blackboard has a 10-inch color LCD screen, very bright and sensitive to pressure, which moreover does not emit any type of radiation. One click is enough to delete everything the child has drawn, but you can also decide to save his works to share them with friends and family.


It could be a great gift idea even when thinking about Christmas, but you have to hurry because the availability is already running out: put in cart the LDC blackboard for children and, in addition to paying for it a real pittance, you will receive it at home within a few days.

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