Facebook post causes confusion for NDGOP voters

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – The Republican Party dominates in North Dakota: they hold a majority in the Legislature and control every statewide office. But in the run-up to Election Day, the party’s infighting left GOP voters confused.

If Measure 1 passes, lawmakers and governors face term limits. However, recent posts on social networks have confused voters.

In a Facebook group called North Dakota Republicans, a private forum for the exchange of conservative ideas, some posters encouraged a yes vote on Measure 1. The posts have confused some people who have mixed up their personal opinions on the North Dakota Republicans page. with the official position of the Republican Party.

“The North Dakota GOP page has a blue tick next to it that says Facebook has verified it as a real page. When I went to the North Dakota Republicans page, the admin was listed as one of the main supporters of Measure 1. So , it’s about doing a little bit of research and just figuring out what you’re actually clicking on and donating to. Make that purchase,” said Alison Ritter, senior public relations specialist at Odney.

The North Dakota GOP chairman called the group “fraudulent,” particularly because they “took contributions that donors intended for the NDGOP.” But the group’s administrator says there is nothing misleading.

“In the group’s disclaimer, it clearly states that it is an informal group, not an official party-state group. So there are people sharing information about Measure 1, they’re sharing all kinds of information in this group,” said group manager and District 38 GOP Chairman Jared Hendricks.

The GOP has no official position on term limits, but the state party chairman and a number of Republican elected officials have publicly opposed the measure. Gov. Doug Burgum has been a proponent of term limits since he was first elected governor in 2016.

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