DJI Action 2 Power Combo, the excellent Action Cam at half price on Amazon

DJI Action 2 is the most powerful action camera from the famous DJI company, the benchmark in the sector. Knowing this, it is even more incredible how Amazon has chosen to discount the flagship of DJI’s action cameras by 49%. In these hours the best DJI Action 2 Power Combo is for sale on Amazon athe price of €204.90instead of €399.00. Almost 200 euros off a device that has everything to surprise you in every outing, in every shot. We too were shocked when we saw this price, also because on the official website it is still on sale at full price (399€). And there’s more, because on Amazon – in addition to paying half price – you can also buy it in 5 convenient interest-free installments starting at €40.98 per month. Curtain.

Action 2 Power Combo, DJI’s most powerful and versatile action camera

You are a travel blogger who loves to resume his adventures around the world? Or more simply do you love filming what surrounds you with a video camera and would you like to turn your passion into work? The Action 2 Power Combo, DJI’s most powerful (and versatile) action camera, is the device that has all the potential to make your dream come true.

action 2 creative elements

Registra in 4K/120fps, for stunning movies that are rich in detail and smooth. Take advantage of the 155° FOV super wide angle, so you won’t miss any detail along the way. Take it with you in any context, whether it’s a walk in the center of Rome or an excursion on the Andes cordillera. Unleash your creativity with the front touchscreen module attached to the DJI Action 2 you tell yourself and the journey in a unique way.

Take advantage of Amazon’s Black Friday offer on DJI’s Action 2 Power Combo, on sale now at half price for only €204.90 instead of €399.00.

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