Disinformation, disinformation and disinformation and what it means for our electoral process and democracy.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – As we approach the election, we look at misinformation, disinformation and disinformation and their impact on the election process.

Misinformation, disinformation and disinformation, or MDM, has been a hot topic in recent elections.

“Of course the problem with misinformation is that people don’t trust the government,” said Dr. Jim King, a political science professor at the University of Wyoming.

MDM is political information that is false, intentionally misleading, or factual, but not completely so.

Officials say it happens for political positioning, but not historically.

“It undermines our credibility and our representation, undermines our confidence in our country and just destroys the fabric of our democracy,” Wyoming State Elections Director Kai Schon said.

Today we see it on bipartisan platforms, on social media, and in news stories edited to increase voter turnout.

“It’s meant to evoke some kind of emotional response. Facts are boring. They’re black and white. So if this information really moves you, then it’s more than just a fact.

Officials say that by casting doubt, the MDM denies the legitimacy and credibility of elections, facts and the law.

“Those who are creating false information, deliberately trying to mislead and mislead the process, I mean shame on them. Because they are basically domestic terrorists,” Sean said.

Seans says the best way to bust a conspiracy is to get involved. Volunteer at the polls and learn about its security firsthand.

“It’s getting to know people in positions where all the skepticism and misinformation is directed against them,” Sean said.

Shawn says the voting machines are not connected to the internet and are tested with an accurate count of 1 million ballots before they go out to the public.

Paper ballots are counted several times during the election against voting books and tabulators to ensure that votes are not lost.

Good privilege should go back to fair play and elections.

“What we all want is how we achieve it, and that’s where the debate should be. You know, this is the path to our common goal, and as opposed to this person being good or bad,” King said.

Officials say our trust in the electoral process will help determine our political future.

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