confirmed the presence of satellite connectivity

It is said that Samsung could collaborate with the Iridium reality to insert in the new ones Galaxy S23 satellite connectivity. A new report that emerged on the net in these hours thought about it.

Just as Apple did in the first instance and Huawei immediately after, the South Korean giant number one in the world could also equip the 2023 flagships with support for satellite connectivity. It seems that Samsung is in fact collaborating with Iridium, an international company that deals with satellite communications in order to be able to transmit, in the near future, data such as messages, images and more, all via satellite.

Samsung: How will the satellite connectivity of the Galaxy S23 work?

The South Korean site ETNews has just said that Samsung would like to introduce satellite connectivity on the new top of the range arriving in 2023. The support could allow the company to take advantage of the communication of data, images and texts at low quality, thus exploiting a few kbps of space.

We know that the company is working hard to overcome the challenges that the market imposes. It is said that it will collaborate with Iridium, a solid brand operating in the USA. This company provides communication services in space by operating with 66 satellites.

Obviously you need a large RF antenna to exploit this potential and we will hardly see it in a modern smartphone. The biggest challenge is to insert this technology into a compact device like a modern flagship. However, this is an unconfirmed rumor, so we invite you to take it with “a pinch of salt”.

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