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Should Connecticut retain an experienced senator or rely on a political newcomer for a change in leadership?

That’s up to voters to decide after Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Republican nominee Leora Levy faced off in their only debate of this election cycle.

“She told Donald Trump that she would always have his back. I’ll always have yours,” Blumenthal said.

“My opponent is a career politician of 37 years. He’s out of touch with real life here in Connecticut,” Levy said.

Both Blumenthal and Levy pulled no punches during Wednesday’s Rocky Hill debate, the first and only of this election.

Levy took aim at federal spending, saying it exacerbated inflation resulting in higher costs for families.

“This inflation was deliberately inflicted on us by the policies of Biden, for whom my opponent voted. Trillions of dollars of spending,” she said.

Blumenthal fired back, saying he wanted to restore the child tax credit to give relief to the middle class and also urged the president to take action on gas prices.

“I got President Biden to release more strategic oil reserves. He did it. Prices have fallen. My opponent opposed it,” he said.

The senator also referred to former President Donald Trump in much of the debate, saying there was a reason to mention it.

“Donald Trump may not be on the ballot, but his top supporter in Connecticut is, and she’s Donald Trump’s choice. I’m working to be Connecticut’s choice,” Blumenthal said.

Levy, who has Trump’s support, said she was able to rally the Republican Party.

“I am a unifier. I’ve been supported by many people in our party, from the former president to Nikki Haley to Rob Portman and Rick Grenell,” she said.

Both candidates were also asked if they would accept the outcome of the election. They both said they would.

“Sure,” Levy said before turning to other topics.

“Yes, no question,” Blumenthal said.

As Blumenthal answered questions from reporters after the debate, Levy left the building. Instead, a campaign consultant came out to answer questions and claim she won the debate and as a result didn’t have to stick around. No other reason was given.

In her previous debate during the GOP Senate primary, Levy stopped after the event to take questions from reporters. Election day is next Tuesday.

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