Black Friday 2022 will last longer

Surprisingly, Amazon has just unveiled the date officers relative al Black Friday 2022. Black Friday will be November 25, but the e-commerce giant amazes its customers and increases the period of discounts e promotions. There will therefore be much more time for shopping and – of course – price cuts will also multiply.

The perfect time to treat yourself to a gift and to think about Christmas too. After all, Prime products enjoy a extended return period temporarily until January 31, 2023. There is plenty of time to buy, give and – if necessary – return the product.

But when will the promotional period be held, then? It has just been officially communicated.

It will start as early as next week, or the November 18, 2022. Starting that Friday, each day will be a day of discounts and promotions on thousands of products in dozens of categories. Check the showcase of offers several times a day it will also allow access to discounts and lightning promotions, with a very limited duration also due to availability in stock.

The promotions will culminate with the November 25, day dedicated to the real Black Friday. In those hours, it will be crazy shopping with huge discounts. However, the bidding marathon won’t be over yet! In fact, it will continue throughout the following weekend and will hit the second (and last) peak on November 28. An important date, especially for technology enthusiasts: it is in fact the Cyber Monday. On that day, the discounts will be even higher on electronics and IT products. There will be something for all tastes and budgets, just be quick and don’t miss the best deals.

So, in summary, here’s how the Amazon promotions on the occasion of Black Friday 2022:

  • total promo period: dal 18 al 28 November;
  • first moment of climax: 25 November, Friday of Black Friday;
  • second, and last, moment of climax: November 28, Monday of Cyber Monday.

Information that a bargain hunter, a true serial saver, can only have under control. The craziest shopping time of the year is coming, get ready!

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