ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro: What a disappointment in the endurance test

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro is probably the most powerful and complete smartphone on the market: on the hardware side, absolutely nothing is missing (processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, up to 18 GB of RAM and 165 Hz refresh rate screen), but the price is quite salty, coming to touch the € 1.400 in the most performing configuration.

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Lo youtuber JerryRigEverything he still wanted to put the smartphone to the test in one of its usual endurance tests, from which, however, we immediately anticipate that it was not the winner. ROG Phone 6as well as the past generation, he seems to have some problems when he comes “bent over” with too much force.

But let’s go in order: Zach’s test starts from the screen. The display is protected by a Gorilla Glass Victus e shows the first scratches and marks at level 6 of the Mohs scale, a value totally in line with other smartphones with a glass screen. Passing a blade over the edge of the device is also possible “to remove” the buttons for power and volume, which is quite peculiar.

Zach then places the screen of ROG Phone 6 under the direct action of a flame for about half a minute: the results are quite obvious and the display is irreparably damaged, showing a dark halo. The fingerprint sensor then manages to authenticate the user even if severely scratched, which did not happen last year.

Finally, the long-awaited test of “folding”: applying a slight force on the edges of the smartphone, this practically “breaks” in twoand the only part that remains intact is the actual display (the rear glass obviously ends up in a thousand pieces). This is exactly the same thing that happened to ROG Phone 5, so we do not recommend putting your smartphone in your back pocket, as you could inadvertently destroy an extremely expensive device.

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