AA Wireless and Pixel Watch don’t get along: how to fix

Pixel Watch is the name with which Google officially and finally entered the smartwatch market. We got to know the device thoroughly in our full review. Now we learn the early problems encountered by users.

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The problems we refer to come from several reports on Reddit by users who use Pixel Watch and AA Wireless, the device developed as part of a crowdfunding project and which aims to rendere wireless any box with Android Auto.

The problems consist in the impossibility of start up and connect successfully your smartphone with AA Wireless if Pixel Watch is connected to your smartphone. In fact, several users have reported that, after pairing the Pixel Watch with their smartphone, AA Wireless can no longer be used. Before Pixel Watch everything worked fine.

In addition to the reports have also arrived some suggestions by those who tried to solve the problem. One solution that seems reliable is that of disable the option to receive and interact with voice calls on Pixel Watch by means of the smartphone.

Looks like this is the option that makes it incompatible the use of AA Wireless.

It is probably about a conflict between AA Wireless and Pixel Watch in managing calls on smartphones. Disabling the option for Pixel Watch then AA Wireless works again correctly. Clearly this is not a definitive solution, since doing so will lose the possibility of handle calls da smartwatch.

We therefore expect Google, or perhaps the developer of AA Wireless, to fix the problem with a update of its app to manage Pixel Watch or AA Wireless.

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