A YouTuber Made the “Homemade” Foldable iPhone

One user managed to accomplish a homemade “foldable iPhone” with parts of Motorola Razr and iPhone. The result? A very curious and original little “Frankestein”, but which is a nice exercise in style for a guy with incredible engineering skills.

Foldable iPhone: A fan’s fun experiment

Let’s go in order: a Chinese YouTuber strongly wanted a foldable iPhone, so much so that he could not wait for the company to make it. He was ahead of the times and beat Apple itself on time, casting the internal components of an iPhone with the folding frame of a Razr. The result? Yes, you will have understood it. He got a really curious foldable clamshell iPhone. We leave you the video below where you can see the product in all its essence.

Warning: the video is in Chinese but there are subtitles. Inside the same you can see the processor that followed to disassemble the devices and reassemble them in a whole new gadget. He used parts from Razr and iPhone X.

The product is called “iPhone V”And it seems to be the iPhone that many users want and would like. The product works perfectly, runs the iOS operating system and the panel folds smoothly. We must point out one thing: although in the video we only talk about an iPhone X used in the construction process, in reality it can be seen that several gadgets of the apple have been demolished and converted.

When will Apple present a similar device?

Good question: nothing is known; rumors and rumors suggest that the Cupertino OEM has been working on a foldable for some time. We don’t know if it will be a clamshell or a smartphone that will open like a book like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4. Someone suggests that Tim Cook’s brand’s first foldout could be an iPad.

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