A Maui church is feeding the homeless, hungry and homeless this Thanksgiving

KIHEI (HawaiiNewsNow) – While a few enjoyed Thanksgiving indoors with family, not everyone had that opportunity.

That’s why the South Maui church makes it their mission to eat as much as possible.

Hail Kaw Kaw at Teresa Church in Kihei has been feeding the needy every day for the past 31 years.

Volunteers say helping out on days like Thanksgiving is special.

“Seeing people have a great hot meal, maybe the only meal they’re going to eat today, and it’s very gratifying,” said Juno Vega, who has been volunteering with her family for four years.

Rainy, windy and muddy weather had many Maui residents thankful for a roof over their heads and warm food in their bellies this holiday.

“I live in a wetlands campground, so I really enjoy the amazing food they serve here,” said Warren Shear, who is homeless in Kihei.

For more than three decades, Hale Kau Kau has served more than 1.5 million meals.

The annual Thanksgiving celebration is a beloved tradition.

“This is one of our biggest days of the year just feeding the hungry for Thanksgiving, and we have a group of volunteers who came out today to support us,” said Hale Kau Kau Program Director Shawn Wallen. “Just blessing the community with food is what we’re all about.”

Hale Kau Kau hasn’t missed a meal since August 1991. That’s over 11,000 consecutive days of feeding homeless, hungry, and homeless Maui.

Bob Hipley and his wife Jane are both in their 80s. They deliver hot meals on wheels and have been loyal volunteers for the past four years.

“Older people especially need help,” Jane said. “Other people just need it for a reason. So we’re going to do it.”

“We’ve been blessed and we give back as much as we can,” Bob said.

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