5 unmissable sets on offer

Si sa che i LEGO they are suitable for all ages. So if you’re a fan of the world’s most popular bricks you shouldn’t ignore this fantastic day of Amazon offers on a long line of sets.

The discounts are really important and in some cases they can even exceed a saving of half the price compared to the original. To consult all the offers you we recommend visiting the official pagewhile in the following paragraph you can discover a selection of five unmissable kits for us.

The five LEGO sets on offer today on Amazon not to be missed

Let’s start with a construction set that risks the eye even to video game enthusiasts with it starter pack dedicated to Super Mario. With Prime Shipping you can have it for 33.17 euros instead of 59.99.

This one is designed for creatives instead DOTS Designer Box, with 5 decorations for the children’s room and 5 models that include more than 650 cards, including 72 representing the letters of the alphabet. Can be yours for only 29.95 euros with First Shipping instead of 39.99.

For the Disney fans here is a set that allows you to create bracelets that depict Mickey and his friends. Perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift, it is on offer at 23.49 euros instead of 29.99.

LEGO DOTS Disney Multipack

Il City Stuntz Acrobatic Competition kit it’s as simple as it is fun, with 2 toy motorcycles and push mechanism, fake circle of fire and a Duke DeTrain minifigure. It costs only 13.89 euros on offeralways with Prime shipping included.

LEGO City Stuntz Competition

Finally, we close with another nice construction: a construction set that will give you an original banana pen holder. It costs you very little, only 7.89 euros on offer with Prime shipping included.

LEGO Banana pen holder

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