Why Draymond Green Should Seriously Consider Jake Paul’s $10 Million Boxing Offer

Draymond Green, Jake Paul
Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are just days away from starting this season after the drama caused by the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole fight two weeks ago. It’s hard to tell if Green and Poole have already buried the hatchet, but there didn’t seem to be much tension between the two in the team’s preseason finale against the Denver Nuggets on Friday.

For obvious reasons, the media and some NBA fans couldn’t help but talk about the problem going into the new season. And apparently, even fight fans are buzzing about it after the YouTuber became a boxing star Jake Paul offered Green $10 million fight at the next event for your company Most Valuable Promotions.

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While Green doesn’t seem to be taking Paul’s offer seriously, it still wouldn’t be a terrible move for the Warriors All-Star. If anything, considering boxing could be good for Green, and here’s why.

We’ve all seen Draymond Green have a good shot

After the footage of the real fight was leaked, people learned two remarkable things. First, the physical altercation was worse than most fans imagined. As it turns out, the Green vs. Poole fight wasn’t just another spat between two players capped by some pushing and shoving. Instead, it was Green who managed to throw the first and last punch.

Second, and more importantly, NBA fans discovered Green’s unfathomable knockout power in those fists. It can be recalled that in the video, the four-time All-Star delivered a quick and devastating superman right hand to Poole. People flocked to the scene, but it was crystal clear that Poole was stupid.

Possessing that amount of power, Green is undoubtedly one step ahead if he considers boxing. The trainers just need to polish up his footwork and he should be good for the celebrity fight.

Green could make huge money in boxing

Draymond Green, Jake Paul
Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Green is currently on a four-year, $99.6 million contract with the Warriors. This season alone, he plans to earn $25.8 million. While that sounds like a lucrative job for the 32-year-old, it’s hard to deny that Green could also make a serious amount of money in boxing for just one night’s work and a few rounds. And that is more than a theory.

In combat sports, a number of MMA fighters have made the big switch to boxing for money. In Green’s case, Paul’s offer of just $10 million is already a big payout. It’s also inevitable that if the NBA star agrees, and Paul manages to match him against a big-name opponent, that number will rise.

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Considering that Green needs time to weigh all these things, there’s a good chance he could favor boxing. However, he may also have to move mountains to convince the Warriors organization that it’s not too much of a risk. All in all, the idea of ​​Green stepping into a boxing ring is still a bit bizarre. But on the other hand, nothing says that it could never happen either.

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