Wear Waldorf: The jewelry line immortalizes legendary hotels

ByIsabella Wojnarowicz and Toby Hershkowitz over Local logo

Philadelphia — John Wind, an artist by birth and trade, stumbled upon a treasure trove in the remains of an auction sale of pieces that once belonged to the Waldorf-Astoria and Plaza hotels in New York.

There he bought his first chandelier and thus the magnum opus of his jewelry creations was born: the Grand Hotel Collection.

This collection seeks to connect past and present through vintage pieces and modern design using the crystals of those Waldorf and Plaza chandeliers.

“This is different than just making a beautiful piece of jewelry,” Wind said of the impact of his collection, which has attracted a range of buyers across the country. “Customers are found in these chandelier crystals.”

Wind and his small team continue to create beautiful jewelry by hand in his studio in Philadelphia.

You can also find his jewelry on the store’s website: johnwind.com

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