"We were shocked;" Local business picks up the pieces after multiple break-ins

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A local business is picking up the pieces after being broken into multiple times this month.

Peter Olanitori, Director SLB headwear and socks, he said there have been five separate break-ins in the past two weeks.

“We were shocked. We’ve been here for about five years,” he said.

Earlier this month, Olanitori found his shop ransacked by thieves and now the once perfectly organized hat display is empty.

“Theft of headgear. They stole money. They stole the cash drawer. Lots of headgear, socks and appeal,” he said. “It’s hard work securing a location.”

Olanitori is also frustrated that their security cameras and motion detectors aren’t deterring thieves.

“Why when we provide a good service to the community?” he said. “We just hope they stop and realize it’s affecting the local community.”

The SLB Headwear and Socks Norfolk Flagship store has been unable to open since October 1 due to delays in window and door repairs.

“We just have to work on online services until we get things fixed,” he said.

Photo of the interior of the store

Olanitori said it was back-to-back with the property owners.

“They’re giving us a hassle to fix. That’s one of the problems we’re creating to open up to the community,” he said.

Fortunately, the police managed to arrest two men who participated in one of the robberies.

“They were waiting for the attackers, the perpetrators, when they arrived. I believe they had an argument and arrested them,” Olanitori said.

Even after his arrest, Olanitori continues to check his phone for security alerts. If the motion detection is turned off, it checks the cameras and calls the police if necessary.

Olanitori said community members have helped support him and his business. He said people have helped clean up and continue to support his online store.

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