Voting is close in Lauderdale County

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – This ballot will feature several key federal seats, as well as several key local seats.

“This is our federal age. You have congressional races and all of our judges, that’s your judge, the district judges, the county judges, they’re all adversarial, they’re all incumbents, but they’re still going to value your vote, we’re a district judge. We have a school board. And second, go to the voter registration form. You’ll know if you’re eligible to vote on the school board, and then you’ll have the application that’s behind that,” said Lauderdale County Clerk Donna Jill. Johnson.

People of this region can go to the Secretary’s office and vote in absentia until the fifth day of October. Many people vote absentee on Election Day to avoid long lines. But this year, the ballot went back to paper, easing the pressure and allowing the voting process to proceed as before.

“You have to provide legal proof, and so I encourage people to look at your calendar. Look, if you have a conference or surgery, a lot of people go to the mountains at this time of year, the same families we deal with, so of course, if you need to vote in absentia, log in now. become Don’t wait until you have a deadline. You definitely don’t want to wait in any line, so you have to have a legitimate reason to vote, and the most common one is that you’re going to be out of town,” Johnson said.

If you decide to vote by mail, your mail-in ballot must be delivered to the Clerk’s office by October 7th.

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