Utility companies do not expect a sharp increase in utility bills

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – Despite rising utility rates in the summer, utility company executives don’t expect another increase in the colder months.

Scott Fiedler with the Tennessee Valley Authority said the price increase this summer was due to higher fuel prices. He said these prices will drop from August and the price of fuel will be half of your bill.

“Your electricity bill consists of two things: one is the basic tariff and the other is the cost of fuel,” he said. “A lot of it is part of that basic benchmark in what you control when you use it. If you can control your energy usage, you can keep your electricity bills low. “

On cold nights, it’s best not to turn the thermostat too high, he said.

“Mother Nature is really trying to throw us for a loop,” Fielder said. “We’ve been hot, cold, hot again, and the biggest driver of electricity bills is temperature. When it gets really hot or really cold, that’s when your unit runs around the clock to keep you comfortable.”

Fiedler said there are many ways to avoid higher bills during the colder months. He said checking windows, doors and attics for insulation makes a big difference in room temperatures.

TVA has more resources here.

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