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The acclaimed UniverSoul Circus stopped by a gym on Chicago’s South Side for a free performance in front of hundreds of children and adults on Wednesday. Performers wowed audiences with a two-hour show at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center Chicago in West Pullman.

“I think it was a great experience for the kids to come out and just have some fun in the community,” said Megan Chandler, who was watching from the gym.

UniverSoul spent weeks under their own tent in Chicago’s Washington Park, holding their show there until October 31st. This rally was free and organized by Daliah Goree, the Andrew Holmes Foundation and other benefactors.

“There are a lot of parents who can’t afford to take their kids to the circus,” said Goree, who is a Chicago police officer and community activist.

Holmes and Goree said the day was about giving children and families positive experiences for a few hours.

“Whatever is going on in your life that’s got you down right now, forget about it, we’re going to enjoy life and we’re going to have fun,” said Goree, who is also running for alderman in Chicago’s 21st. Ward.

UniverSoul’s performance on Wednesday included a figure skating duo, several dance groups and other dance competitions involving audience members. Chandler volunteered to be part of a competition where the audience decided whether a group of women danced better than a group of men.

“I can’t dance and they had a dance competition. The men won, but I did what I could,” Chandler said.

The doors to the gym opened at 2pm and quickly filled up. People who couldn’t stand were turned away before the circus started at 4pm. Organizers said it’s unfortunate they don’t have room for everyone and hope to bring the circus back to the community soon.

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