Tropical Storm Karl is not a threat to Florida, it is approaching land in Mexico

Tropical Storm Karl does not pose a threat to Florida or any other part of the United States as it continues near the southern coast of Mexico.

Karl is expected to make landfall in southern Mexico by tonight or early Saturday morning as a tropical storm. The storm will weaken rapidly over the weekend as it interacts with land. Karl will produce up to 10″ of rainfall in isolated places, mudslides and flash flooding concerns.

Elsewhere in the tropics, the only other area being monitored for development potential is the tropical wave off the west coast of Africa. The odds of a development are now reduced to 10 percent in both the two-day and five-day perspectives. Development looks unlikely as the system will enter a hostile environment with strong upper-level winds in the coming days. The next name on the list is Lisa.

Recovery continues in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian made landfall last month. You can read more about the recovery process and the resources available in our community on NBC2 here.

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