Tom Brady misses Buccaneers practice a day after partying with Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Tom Brady
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It seems Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady felt that partying late into the night with former boss Robert Kraft was a higher priority than practice the morning before his team’s next game.

On Friday, Brady was one of many celebrities and sports stars who attended New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s latest wedding. The Patriots great made headlines for attending the event himself, while rumors of his impending divorce from wife Gisele Bündchen continue to swirl. His appearance at an event like this isn’t surprising, but his presence at the event now seems to have led to some additional sports news on Saturday.

Earlier today, Tampa Bay Times reported that Brady actually missed the Buccaneers’ final morning walk of the week as they put the finishing touches on their game plan for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. This is surprising since Brady has always been considered a consummate professional and his work is his primary duty. His devotion to football and always locked in his career is why his long-term marriage may be coming to an end.

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Brady has an agreement with Tampa Bay to get an extra day off before games, but he missed practice right before.

Why Tom Brady is missing practice is a bad look for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Superstar players receiving special privileges is nothing new in professional sports. That’s the perk of being successful at the elite level. Brady did it in Tampa and helped the franchise bring home its second championship a few years ago. However, things seem to be getting a little out of hand.

It’s one thing to give a veteran star more days off during training camp, but Brady is starting to take the freedom he’s given to new levels. Now he’s getting an extra day during the regular season because he’s gone from camp for nearly two weeks to deal with personal issues. His layoff ended up being far longer than the organization expected, but they allowed it and even rewarded him with time off in the season.

Now, Brady is starting to miss practices right before games. His skipping practice probably won’t affect them beating the Steelers on Sunday, but if it was unexpected, it’s a completely unprofessional move and disrespectful to his teammates. If it was allowed, it’s another example of the organization once again bending over backwards for its QB in a way it certainly won’t for other players. And in that case, they don’t respect their list.

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Either way, this Brady situation is starting to get more curious each week.

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