The Utah Jazz Dancers practice on the new court ahead of the season opener

SALT LAKE CITY — With less than 24 hours until the Utah Jazz season opener, the Utah Jazz Dancers took to the new court for the first time Tuesday night.

“Purple is back, baby,” said Ashley Kelson, director of the Jazz Dancers. “We’re excited.”

This year’s team consists of 26 male and female dancers.

“When we all come together, we kind of celebrate all of our different backgrounds,” said team captain Jace Raymond. “Obviously, we’re a team of great dancers, but I don’t think people realize that we’re also a team of great people.”

With big smiles and good spirits, they make it look effortless. Still, these dancers work hard, Kelson said.

“People don’t realize that these dancers learn more than 40 to 50 routines a season,” she said.

The team is excited about both the new players and the new colors, and being able to bring energy and excitement back to Jazz games.

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“It’s always nice to be a part of change because that’s what people remember, it’s change,” Jamison Allen said. “I love performing every night, even though they’re not necessarily there for us. It’s so nice to be able to put on a show for people and just so you can dance.”

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