The NAACP is getting ready to start early voting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Tennesseans may be surprised that priests cannot serve in the Tennessee legislature and that slavery is still in the state constitution.

In just a few days, the polls will open for the midterm elections, and voters will have to decide on four constitutional amendments.

Early voting for the midterm elections begins on October 19.

The Memphis branch of the NAACP is spending the weekend preparing voters.

Memphis NAACP officials urged voters to get out and vote Friday morning.

On Saturday morning, the group will travel to the southern city to remind them that early voting begins next week.

They will also be demonstrating for the county’s new voting machines at the NAACP office at 588 Vance Ave., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Here’s an explanation of how the civil rights group wants people to vote:

  • The NAACP recommends “No” on Amendment 1, or Right to Work, which asks voters if they want to ban mandatory union membership.
  • Yes, in Amendment 2, which creates a line of succession if the governor can no longer serve.
  • Yes, in the 3rd Amendment, which prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude from the constitution forever.
  • Yes, in Amendment 4, which removes language in the constitution that prohibits ministers and priests in both houses of the legislature.

“I know of no more important amendment that we should vote for than this one to outlaw slavery in our constitution. We all know the painful history of slavery in this country, in this state and in this city,” Turner said.

“It’s very difficult to separate faith from the decision-making process when we think about what should govern us,” said Keith Norman, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of the Broad. “Many of the laws that we live by on this earth come from the Holy Bible, and many of them come from other forms of religious documents,” Norman said.

Early voting continues until Thursday, November 3, and election day is November 8.

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