The military suicide rate declined in 2021, which is still an issue the Pentagon is investigating

The U.S. military says it is not diminishing its concern about the suicide rate of active-duty service members even as the number has decreased during the pandemic.

The rate of active-duty military members who died by suicide dropped last year.

A new report from the Pentagon showed that the active duty suicide rate was 582 in 2020 but fell to 519 in 2021.

A Pentagon spokesman signaled the rate remains a concern for defense leaders, saying the U.S. military and the Pentagon are committed to addressing the issue of suicides within the force.

The military also says it is working to improve the quality of life for its service members.

While the lower rate might be considered encouraging, suicide rates among active duty members are considered high over the past decade.

Suicide rates among Army Reserve and National Guard members remained flat, the report said.

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