The Men Make Men program started on Monday

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Meridian Public Schools is doing its part to shape the next generation of young people. They held an event called “Making Men Men,” where male leaders take on the role of mentor.

The Meridian Public School District has signed on for a new high school male mentoring program.

“I know that growing up I needed some help in getting on with life from some of the older men in my community. I saw the need to listen in Meridian. I’m just thinking about what can be done. Men who men create, it occurred to me. I reached out to the manager and the supervisor – they followed and pushed it. The call went out to the community. You see we have all these men in the community who are here to support. , so that we can help young people overcome these pitfalls. life, – said the director of the program, Joseph Stone.

More than 50 men at Meridian High School are ready to teach and motivate more than 600 male students from the Meridian Public School District.

“How do you know you’ve got a toothache? That boy said, ‘Cause I feel it. It’s the same with God. When you get to a place where there’s no other way – there’s another way for you.” Wright said.

One of the speakers, Jamard Wright, shares his goal for the youth in his community.

“There will always be a void, and the only people who can fill that void are those who have passed on. Young people just don’t know where to turn. The truth is, the group of men behind me have been through every walk of life. Together we can get these kids out of here and up. That’s just our plan,” Wright said.

“Men Doing Men” is the name of the event as well as the mission of this large group. They also said that their goal is to inspire the minds of young people to succeed in society.

“I believe in the results that we are doing now. We want to see the fruits of those years down the line. With faith, I believe that today we are planting seeds that will grow in the community of Meridian to become productive citizens to go back into the community, like these people are going back now,” Stone said.

The speakers put their money in a bag for the students to win if they participated in their activities.

We spoke to one student who shares why he thinks this is important.

“I think it’s amazing because I think it’s going to play a huge role in the lives of a lot of young people who don’t have a father figure or don’t want to do those things,” said student Elijah Brown.

A poet recited a poem that talks about the struggle of young adults when they have no guidance.

“Imagine young teenagers selling their bodies on the corner because their families didn’t want them. Remove due to satisfaction. The streets give them a lot of love and satisfaction. It was school every day, but their minds weren’t there. They were on the street where life isn’t fair – I can’t compare. “I can’t compare my life to these kids because I’m growing up, I’m trying to find my own way,” said poet Adrien Collins.

District school leaders plan to make this program a regular event.

The Girls with Pearls event was also held on Monday. Tune in to Tuesday’s newscast for the full story.

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