The girl who survived the shooting returns

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Tragedies in America, like mass shootings, don’t just go away. They will live forever in history and in the minds of the victims, survivors and their families.

Kristen Vranikar, of Lincoln, is the daughter of survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the largest and worst mass shooting in American history, according to NBC News.

“My family was there – my mom, dad, aunt and uncle, and I didn’t know they were alive for about four days,” Kristen Vranikar said.

Through years of trauma and struggling with PTSD, Kristen decided to turn her pain into something beautiful; a non-profit called 19491 and 58 Wings.

“So I have a way that I can appreciate through my work and through myself … it just helps me heal,” Vranikar said.

58 Wings, for the 58 lives lost in mass shootings, was created to honor those killed, as well as to help others honor them.

“I plan to work on a food and clothing truck, just one drive and it will all go abroad to Ukraine,” Vranikar said.

19491 was created to honor the survivors, victims and their families and raise awareness of this shooting.

“When I mention it, and even just say Route 91 Harvest Festival, people don’t know when to do it,” Vranikar said.

Through multiple non-profit organizations, Kristen hopes to not only heal herself, but pay it forward and help others as well.

The 58 Wings Heritage Center will host a food and clothing event on November 6.

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