The 2022 Iowa State Pool Tournament is expecting a record number of participants

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – The River Center in downtown Davenport was filled to the brim for the 2022 USA Sports Pool Tournament.

“We all respect each other, but when we get to the pool table, of course, we all want to beat each other’s brains out,” said Tim Bringman, president of Iowa American Cue Sports. “We came to River Center because we love the environment, we love the business, and the people here treat us really well.”

The popularity of this event is growing rapidly.

“The number of players is up from last year. We’re up to 400,” Bringman said. “We are 1,200 players and the sport is growing and we will continue to work hard at it.”

One of those players is Jerrod Friederes, an Army veteran. He said that billiards means more to him than winning and losing.

“I use this game because a lot of veterans, if they have a head injury or something like that, can use billiards as a way to reduce inflammation,” Friederes said. “It works your mind so well that playing billiards has many benefits.”

More than 100 different tables are used for junior and senior departments. Various events include 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, doubles and team play.

“We have 159 men’s teams and 63 women’s teams fighting for big money. Our fees are based on the number of records, and we add some money to that,” Bringman said. “So if you come here and you’re successful and you win, on Sunday you can walk out of here as a team of 4 with $4,200 in the men’s or $2,800 in the women’s.”

“I’m really looking forward to coming to these events and seeing people I haven’t seen all year. Even if I win or lose, it’s a win because I see them all,” Frideres said.

The competition will continue until October 23 at River St.

On October 22, renowned billiards coach Mark Wilson will hold a free clinic for junior players aged eight to 18.

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