Temple High School graduate stars in new season of ‘Love Is Blind’

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – A Temple High School graduate is looking for love, but without seeing his soul mate.

Nancy Rodriguez will be featured in the new season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, which premieres Wednesday.

“For her to tell me that she’s getting married in the next 30 days. It was like don’t pass out, don’t pass out,” her mother Erendira Diaz told KWTX News 10.

Rodriguez graduated from Temple High School in 2008. He spent many years on the field as a high school mascot.

Instead of meeting soccer fans, Rodriguez will now meet love interests through the show’s “pods.”

The show will feature Rodriguez along with 14 other women and 15 men. Couples can talk to each other in these “pods” but cannot see each other. They can meet only if the marriage proposal is accepted.

The couples then move in together and plan to have weddings at the end of four weeks. In the trailer, Rodriguez can be seen walking down the aisle in a wedding dress.

“I couldn’t believe it because she told me she didn’t believe in marriage,” Diaz said. “So for him, I was doing it, I was like a good kid, I don’t want to say too much, but I’m here to support you.”

Diaz can be heard in the Season 3 trailer telling someone that “you’re trying to be someone you’re not.” Mom promises many surprises for viewers this season.

“I can tell you there are good things coming out of this show,” Diaz said.

The first four episodes of “Love Is Blind” will be released on Netflix on Wednesday. The following episodes will be released over the next few weeks, with the finale airing on November 9.

Rodriguez and his mother plan to watch the entire season on vacation in Mexico next month.

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