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The family of a 9-month-old boy who died after being found unresponsive at a Homestead daycare is seeking indictments after their attorneys released surveillance video proving staff members were not properly trained in CPR, which could have cost the child his life.

Tayvon Tomlin stopped breathing and was sent to the hospital from Lincoln Marti Child Care on July 18th. He was later pronounced dead.

“I’m heavy with frustration,” said Keiara Worley, the baby’s mother.

It’s been almost three months, and family members say they still don’t know what happened.

“For me, it’s my first child,” said Devonte Tomlin, the baby’s father. “I felt every pain in every nerve.”

In addition to filing the lawsuit, the family’s attorneys released surveillance video from the day Tayvon was found unresponsive at daycare.

In surveillance footage, Tayvon’s 4-year-old brother watches as daycare staff work to revive the baby.

“He was just basically saying, Mom, the baby wasn’t breathing,” Whorley said.

Family members were then told that daycare staff had attempted CPR.

“…He appears to be giving life-saving breaths in his arms with no compressions,” said family attorney Stephen Cain. “It’s been a few minutes and they’re rubbing his back. It is not effective and comprehensive CPR.”

Cain and attorney Michael Levine also allege that Lincoln Marti had only one adult to supervise the eight children.

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, one adult is required for every four children under the age of one. DCF also requires that an incident report be provided to parents on the day the accident, incident, or unusual occurrence occurs.

Almost three months later, the family says they still have nothing. Tayvon’s family had to bury him without even knowing the official cause of death. The medical examiner has not completed the report, and the indictment has yet to be filed.

“It’s a violation of DCF’s standards, and it’s unacceptable, and unfortunately, it led to this outcome,” Levine said.

Lincoln Marti Child Care’s attorney said in a statement, “It is my position, and that of my client, that it is not appropriate to discuss matters that are currently in litigation and most importantly, that are still under investigation. My clients and I sympathize with the tragic loss that this family experienced…which as I said…is currently under investigation.”

“I will always be frustrated, hurt, cry, miss the baby, but right now I have all my fight focused on this case,” Whorley said.

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