Robinson Family Farm Talks After Grass Fire Destroys 70 Cars

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – After a grand opening at its new location last month, a fall favorite was forced to close Saturday after a massive grass fire destroyed more than seventy vehicles.

The Robinson family farm moved to this location due to the large size of the land.

Now part of that land is closed until the end of the investigation by the authorities.

Cheyenne Marcus and her husband took their two-year-old son to the farm for the first time on Saturday.

After being there for an hour, they found themselves stranded.

“I just remember him running back and shaking his head and saying he couldn’t find it. It was just a waiting game until the fire died down to see if our car was damaged. It seems like it was at the center of everything,” Marcus said when asked about Saturday’s events.

Bell County officials are still investigating the fire and have not yet determined who or what started it.

An eyewitness later returned to the scene and stated that it was a discarded cigarette – this has yet to be confirmed.

While investigators work out the details, Robinson is doing what he can to help the victims.

Anyone affected by the fire can visit the farm to take insurance photos and inspect the damage.

“It’s not that we’re trying to ignore anybody. We’re not trying to be indifferent to anybody’s feelings right now, but first and foremost [those affected] will be our priority,” said a tearful Helen Robinson.

The farm is a hotspot for families with young children, meaning many of the vehicles involved had car seats.

“Then, we also lost his car seat, which I’m sure is going to be an issue with a lot of people here because a lot of people come here with their kids,” Marcus said.

The Robinson family is collecting donations for those who lost their car seats in the fire. Just email them at [email protected] with the information and they will be happy to assemble the car seat.

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