Residents of the Little Rock community are coming together to stand up to the violence

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The community comes together to confront the violence in the city.

The Little Rock Police Department recorded the city’s 65th homicide this week, tying last year’s record.

People in town now say enough is enough.

A group of people in the community met on Saturday to discuss possible solutions to reduce that crime rate.

The group calls itself “Residents in Action” and said change will start by building connections in the neighborhood.

“There’s no solution to crime, there’s no solution to a lot of things without involving the residents, and that was really the missing ingredient,” said meeting attendee Sky Brower.

On Saturday, people in the Reservoir Road community gathered for the first meeting of its kind.

“We have people here from the Little Rock Police Department as well as from the city who are here to talk about public safety opportunities for community resources for the community and ways we can come together to make this city a better place for everyone,” he said. chairman of the City of Little Rock Commission on Race and Culture.

As the number of crimes increases, scenes like this are becoming more common in the capital.

Neighbors in Reservoir Road said it’s time to bring the solution to light, and it starts with getting to know each other.

“It’s important for residents to get involved and active in the community because when we come together, we can do so much more. When we can come together and collaborate on what we want to see in our city, what we as residents want to see in our neighborhoods, that we can achieve,” Brown said.

With one goal… to build community.

“Bringing people together, to work together for a better future for all of us,” Brown said.

One of the meeting participants said that such meetings are crucial.

“We rely on the government to solve all our problems for us, crime is one of those things. We have to get to know each other in our communities. We have to know our neighbors. We have to know the people on our street, not just next door, a few houses down. We have to to know the people on the street next to us. We need to know the people in the neighborhood next to us, and we need to know the people across the city,” Brower said.

Change won’t happen overnight, but group leaders said the meeting gave them hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s just been, it’s been phenomenal. There’s a lot of interest in making a change,” Brower said.

The organizers of the event said that they are happy to have provided a place for people to gather and strive for a better future, and they hope that there will be more such meetings in other parts of the city.

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