Protesters draw attention to Ukraine’s continued struggle, defense of democracy – GNT NEWS

A rally in support of Ukraine was held in front of the White House fence on Saturday as activists formed a human chain, or defense circle, to show their strength and support for Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion.

“To symbolize that at this moment Ukraine is fighting for the whole world. Ukrainian defenders are protecting the whole world and all democratic countries from Russian aggression,” said Nadiya Shaporynska, founder of the American Ukrainian Activists group.

Demonstrators also honor soldiers a day after Ukraine celebrated Veterans Day.

They believe that by fighting against the Russians, Ukrainians are fighting for the world and that democracy is at stake.

“Ukraine is now fighting for democracy and freedom in the whole world. It is not only about Ukraine. If Ukraine is defeated like that, there will be no democracy in the world,” said Aleksandra Kapl.

The group held signs and waved Ukrainian flags. They said the support of the US and other allies was crucial to the country’s fight for survival.

“I’m here today supporting Ukraine because it’s clear as day to me that Ukraine is fighting for us as much as we are fighting for them,” said a man who attended the rally.

The war has dragged on for eight months, and with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s continued efforts to escalate the war, protesters said even more support would be needed.

“We have to keep awareness and of course I want to ask that we donate more, because Ukraine needs more weapons, more heavy weapons, it needs more tourniquets and medicine for dependents,” said protester Olga Betrova.

Other similar demonstrations were held in other major cities, including Philadelphia, New York and Chicago.

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