Organizations that remove the homeless from the streets during the cold season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A sudden cold snap in the Bluegrass has prompted a quick mobilization of organizations that help the homeless.

One organization, the Lexington Rescue Mission, was out Tuesday night, taking people to shelters and motels.

“When we first started last night, the van just kept coming and dropping people off at the motel,” said Chris Lansford, Director of Street Outreach for LRM.

He said the cold has left many homeless.

Outside Lighthouse Ministries in Lexington, the rescue mission picked up people and dropped off supplies like blankets and gloves. People quickly surrounded the van and after a few minutes they even ran out of blankets.

Some people would be taken to the Hope Center, while others would be taken to a motel where their rooms were paid for.

Michael Hensley was one of those taken to the motel. Without help, he said he would probably still be out in the cold.

“I’d probably go back to my tent and just sleep where I could set it up and not get run over,” Hensley said.

Lunsford, who was once homeless himself, said the reason he helps others is simple.

“It just warms my heart because every day I go home just wondering what I’m going to get into the next day,” Lunsford said. “I know I go home to a warm bed every night, but some people aren’t so lucky and we want to help them.”

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