Officials warn that heating prices will increase this winter

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – St. Louis County officials are warning residents of rising heating bills this winter.

Warm up St. Louis On Saturday, he went from house to house and informed the people about the service, asking them to help pay for gas and electricity.

Community organizers organized a clean-up day in Hyde Park in the city’s North. Heat Up St. Louis partnered with organizers to educate people in the neighborhood about its services.

“Being without heat is a health and safety crisis,” said Gentry Trotter with Heat Up St. Louis. “You want to go to the community and look at the community and see the community and see the housing and how they live and so on so you can help.”

Trotter, who endured a hot summer, said the war between Russia and Ukraine, combined with inflation, is likely to make gas and power companies pay more in the coming months.

“I usually get the flu in the winter,” Gentry added. “Now it’s a pandemic. Now it’s inflation and people can’t afford it. The effect is too much. We’re up 50% from last year.”

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