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Bargaining for a reduced prison sentence, a federal inmate knocked over a nurse who was giving the inmate a cell phone and drugs at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, FBI officials said.

Ruben Montanez-Mirabal, 32, was arrested Wednesday on charges that include bribery and possession of contraband, controlled substances and conspiracy, records show.

Ruben Montanez-Mirabal

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Ruben Montanez-Mirabal

According to the probable cause statement, Montanez-Mirabal had been working as a nurse at a federal prison in Miami since February 2020, but between Nov. 1, 2021 and Aug. 24, he was a drug addict for cash and flashy cars.

An inmate is back in prison for violating the terms of his release on a federal fraud conviction. Other pending cases include wage protection fraud and possession of a firearm, according to court records.

The names and gender of the prisoners and other sources of information in the investigation were not included in the court documents.

Montanez-Mirabal was paid about $1,500 by a third or fourth party through Zelle after each delivery of legal documents laced with “spray,” also known as spice, K2 or synthetic marijuana, the FBI said.

On one occasion, Montanez-Mirabal rolled up 40 drug-soaked pages and hid them under a shelf in a closet at the detention center, agents said.

The inmate, who was assigned to cleaning duties, had access to the closet and the papers, which the inmate then sold to inmates for about $1,500 per page, investigators said.

In March, Montanez-Mirabal was caught on video entering a deletion closet on the ninth floor of the detention center. He was carrying a cylindrical object under his vest. When he left, investigators said they found about 37 drug-soaked pages rolled up and stuffed under a shelf.

His fingerprints were on papers that tested positive for ADB-Butinac, a cannabinoid designer drug, according to FBI labs.

The inmate communicated using a cell phone that Montanez-Mirabal had attached to him. They spoke in code using “pesos” to mean a $1,000 increase, and “libros” and “revistas” to indicate how many pages of drug books or magazines were ordered.

In addition to cash, Montanez-Mirabal had access to a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and McLaren that were delivered to him by inmate associates, according to records and pictures of Montanez-Mirabal in the two cars.

A search of his Instagram account revealed conversations that included a picture of Montanez-Mirabal in an orange Lamborghini with the messages “My ride” and “they’re giving me a Rolls Royce this week” and that it costs “absolutely nothing” because “it’s all about the right contact,” records show.

A review of his financial records found that Montanez-Mirabal was receiving payments through several Zella accounts, agents said.

He remained in the Broward County Jail without bond pending his appearance in federal court.

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