New details on the murder of an HCS employee

Huntsville, Ala. (WAFF) – New details emerged in court Wednesday during a preliminary hearing for a man accused of murdering a Huntsville City Schools employee.

Cameron Dutty, 22, is accused of shooting and killing Larry Rice in July.

It all started when investigators say Doughty tried to cross Rice in his car and hit him in front of Milton Frank Stadium at 15th and Omni.

There was an exchange of words, a fight and then, according to witnesses, two shots were fired.

First responders arrived at the scene and found Rice with a gunshot wound to the head. Before they arrived, Doughty took off in his car and was later found in the laundry room of his apartment complex.

During the preliminary hearing, witnesses took the stand to give details about what they saw or heard that night.

Investigators learned that Rice was on the phone with Daryl Rich when the altercation between him and Dathi began.

When asked what he heard, Rich said he didn’t hear the crash, but heard the verbal altercation on the phone and the gunshots in real time.

Rich had known Rice for years and was in the area helping out with the stadium. Rich was in the stadium at the time of the shooting, which was about 50 to 60 yards away. Rich made no allegation that Doughty took or removed Rice’s personal items.

An eyewitness at the scene saw Rice stop and saw a “young black male” standing. The two started walking towards each other, then a physical altercation ensued. The pair fell to the ground, the witness says, who heard gunshots and saw a “young black man” get up and fire again.

The witness said Rice was on the ground and a “young black male” got into his car on the 15th. They described the car as white, with no tags or center cap.

Zoria Massey was driving a vehicle owned by a “young black male” when she was pulled over and questioned about the shooting. He said he was only in the car for a short time.

Massey says when she got the car from Doughty, she was disoriented, disoriented and had red stains on her clothes. After the stop, officers went to Doughty’s home with a search warrant.

A white t-shirt with blood stains and a pair of dark shorts, which were said to be what he was wearing, were once found in Doughty’s apartment. A gun was found outside his apartment.

Housing maintenance told officers that Doughty was hiding in the apartment complex’s laundry room. Dogti was found peacefully and taken into custody.

Under his Miranda rights, Doughty explained the altercation and claimed it was self-defense.

Rice and Doughty were heading west on the 15th. Dogty tried to tackle Rice, but he was side-kicked. He stopped and got out of harm’s way. Doughty had a .380 semi-automatic in his right pocket with his hand on it.

Doughty claims Rice grabbed his right arm and began biting him. During the fall, Doughty’s gun went off, but no one was hurt. He claims that the second shot was on the ground during the fight.

Tori, another witness, was at work when the shooting happened and claims to have seen Doughty explain what happened between the two. He also claimed that Rice grabbed Doughty’s arm, which had a gun.

An autopsy on Rice found one bullet had passed through his head and into his spine. The dog had scratches on his hands and knees, but no bite marks were found. Because Doughty changed his clothes, there was no blood on him.

Doughty agreed to show investigators where the gun was, he said, and the 12 hours between when he dropped the gun and when he retrieved it. He identified the gun as his own, there was no gun on Rice, and witnesses say Rice did not attack Dogty.

When investigators searched video footage of the area, they were able to find HCS video of the traffic accident. Axtarilan another video source recorded a white car driving in the distance, adli hec bir video tapilmadi. There were two pictures of Capley, but the driver’s tag could not be identified.

All the evidence is being processed properly, the body has been returned and the forensic examination is yet to come back.

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