Nevada State Athletic Commission Considers Possible Changes After August AG’s Report on Death of UNLV Student at Charity Race

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – At the Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting Tuesday, the regulatory commission will consider changes to the recommendations of the Attorney General’s report into the death of UNLV student Nathan Valencia at a charity fraternity boxing tournament.

In a contentious August meeting, the NSAC reviewed the findings of the AG’s office, and they may take action based on it, according to Tuesday’s meeting agenda.

The AG’s office made recommendations for future oversight, saying there could be better communication between agencies involved in such incidents. It says the NSAC has jurisdiction over most unarmed conflicts, but has no jurisdiction to prosecute crimes.

“Therefore, crimes involving illegal or unauthorized warfare should be investigated and prosecuted by local law enforcement agencies as they would be for any other violation of state law,” the report said.

It presented a missed opportunity to determine, for example, whether Valencia’s opponent had taken drugs or with gloves, which the report indicated was stated in numerous witness interviews.

The lawyer representing Valencia’s rival in the ring denied the allegations at the August hearing.

“They were both doing this as a charity event to help the community and what happened here was devastating for my client. He wants to get to the bottom of this,” said attorney Jordan Logan.

Commission Chairman Stephen Klubeck said he still wants more answers from Las Vegas police to “clarify issues related to the investigation.” He is particularly keen to learn more about the equipment worn by rivals Valencia.

In August, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Police Department said the department was willing to assist the AG’s office if they wanted to move forward with any criminal prosecution.

It is not yet clear what possible action the NSAC may take at the meeting, which begins at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, the commission passed Nathan’s Law, which would add more oversight around fraternity and university fighting incidents, like the one that killed Valencia.

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