My Family Loves Taylor Hale ‘So Much’

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Return to your roots. Big Brother alum Joseph Abdin finally returned to his home state of Florida after spending a few weeks in LA with the winner of his season, Taylor Haleafter the September final.

“I actually came home and surprised my dad. He thought I was coming two days later [when] I showed up first,” 25-year-old Joseph told exclusively Us Weekly on Friday, October 14. He revealed that his father was “angry with him” when he arrived.

“My dad wasn’t the happiest considering I was out of the house for two weeks and didn’t come straight home to see everyone,” the lawyer explained with a laugh. “I thought maybe I’d surprise him and it would negate the fact that he’s mad at me. It helped a little. I still have my lecture, so there is a video I will post.”

Joseph said Us that he enjoys being back in Florida, where his house is “always filled with Arabic music, with people coming and going.” Besides having some “touching” experiences with fans at the airport himself, he was happy to learn that he wasn’t the only one connecting with Big Brother viewers. “My friends and siblings have told me that they have received so much love and support themselves,” he said.

Joseph Taylor Big Brother

Josip with members of his family. Joseph Abdin

Since finishing ninth on the CBS reality series, the Florida native and Taylor, 27, have been slowly rekindling their relationship after sparking showmanship rumors. Big Brother House. “We’re planning to get together very, very soon, which is why we both agree to, you know, try to live in the moment, prioritize our families for a little bit, because we’re both going to see each other again in a few days,” Joseph said of the former Miss Michigan.

In addition to spending time with his family, the Florida State University alum hit up his local gym. “It felt like a fever dream to be gone for four months because that’s the last thing I went into Big Brother I went to the gym and then I ran out. So just coming in four months later, new equipment, things have changed,” he said.

Joseph Taylor Big Brother
Joseph Abdin

During practice, the CBS personality had a serendipitous moment with the winner Big Brother 23, Xavier Pratherwhen they posted about exercising “exactly [same] time and chose the same song to play for our practice.” Joseph said Us that Xavier, 28, responded by texting him “did we just become best friends?” a meme from the movie Half brothers.

Although the reality alum is still on top Big Brother Joseph says he hasn’t talked much about the show with his family. Instead, it focuses on “laughing and catching up on family information.” However, his family is always happy to hear from Taylor.

“My family loves her so much,” Joseph said Us champion of season 24. “They ask me a lot about her and make sure she’s okay and they’re very protective of her and they love her, which reminds my heart.”

Although he and the personal stylist have yet to put a stamp on their relationship, they are enjoying strengthening their bond outside Big Brother House.

“We’re having fun,” Taylor said Us during a joint interview with Joseph last month. “Let’s make sure we take care of ourselves, but yeah, I’m not letting Joseph go anytime soon.”

With reporting by Sharon Tharp.

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