More than 900 US universities were evaluated. Perhaps you will be disappointed with the representation of Idaho


Boise State University in Idaho has the most students, but where does it rank on WalletHub?

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The first action deadline for the new college application year is fast approaching on November 1st. Although admission to a higher education institution through Early Action is not mandatory, it is a huge step for many high school students trying to figure out. the next phase of their lives.

Are you or your child considering attending an Idaho university or college? The Gem State is home 12 universities and technical colleges and four private schoolsbut which ones are the best?

Personal finance website WalletHub has compiled a ranking of these companies the best colleges and universities in the countryincluding five Idaho institutions.

WalletHub divided the country into different regions, and Idaho fell into the western region. Before delving into the specifics of the rankings, here are five of Idaho’s top public universities and their ranking in the West out of 156.

  • College of Idaho – 35th

  • University of Idaho – 69th

  • Northwestern Nazarene University – 102

  • Boise State University – 114

  • Lewis-Clark State College – 148th

The top-ranked school in the western region, California Institute of Technology, ranks third nationally, behind only first-place Massachusetts Institute of Technology and second-place Yale University.


WalletHub compared 913 universities and colleges nationwide using seven key metrics: student choice, cost and funding, faculty resources, campus safety, campus experience, academic outcomes and career outcomes.

Within those seven dimensions were 30 metrics, such as student loan debt (cost and funding), student-faculty ratio (faculty resources), and campus crime (campus safety). Each school was given a score out of 100 using 30 weighted indicators.

Information from National Center for Education Statistics, Council on social and economic researchand US Department of Education, among other sources.

Distribution of ratings

Although it provides an overall rating for all 913 institutions, WalletHub only breaks down ratings for the top 500. For the Gem State, that includes the College of Idaho (235th) and the University of Idaho (438th).

Here’s how both schools ranked for each key indicator:

College of Idaho – 235th

Total score out of 100: 57.81

Choice of students: 163

Cost and funding: 515th

Faculty resources: 319

Campus Safety: 856

Campus experience: 495

Study results: 528

Career results: 546th

University of Idaho – 438th

Total score out of 100: 54.7

Student selection: 556

Cost and financing: 144

Faculty resources: 585

Campus Safety: 231

Campus experience: 485

Study results: 519

Career results: 490th

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