MCC hosts its annual My College Cares event

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Caring for My College is a way for students, faculty and staff at Meridian Community College to get out and be a part of the community around them.

“We are a community college that focuses on the word community. This is an opportunity we have for our faculty, staff and students to give back to the community that surrounds us. It’s a volunteer work day. We are canceling classes and closing all offices. All absences are excused. We have been fired. We go out into the community and we give back,” said Associate Dean of Student Engagement, Brandon DeWeese.

This year MCC had over 500 people participate, going to various sites such as North Park Church, Northeast Park, Dyslexia Illumination Therapy Center and more.

“I was a student here and I went to work taking care of my college; It seems like I’m always in some flower bed, or spreading pine straw, or putting down new mulch, something of that nature. One of the things my college cares about is that pot stirs up for us on this campus. You meet people from your class in August and you might meet new people if you don’t do events like this,” Deweese said.

My college also offers one free credit hour for an undergraduate degree at MCC.

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