Man scams motorist with handmade sign in Collier County

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — A Romanian man was arrested Friday and charged with fraud and breach of security.

Collier County deputies responded to a call regarding a possible fraudulent donation collection site. When deputies arrived, they found a man walking between moving traffic and appearing to attract the attention of drivers, causing distraction and endangering himself.

Deputies decided to arrest the man for violating the pedestrian safety ordinance.

Nichita Nicu Cicea, 33, held a plastic tub with dollar bills and a sign that read: “Donation to say no to leukemia… God bless… save Marcus.” The handmade sign had no stamp or indication that it was in the name of a legitimate charity.

Cicea also wore a red T-shirt with the image of a sick child and the text that read: “Marcus needs to raise money for the operation.” A website was listed on the back. However, when MPs tried to access the URL, it turned out that the page did not exist.

When deputies asked Cicea about the cause and Marko, Cicea did not answer.

According to the report, Cicea knowingly and willingly induced multiple people to donate money under pretexts and misrepresentations. Cicea collected $62 from the driver.

Deputies then charged Cice with scheme to defraud to obtain property under $20,000 and transported him to the Naples Detention Center.

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