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State legislation
State legislation(State Legislature)

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – There are four legislative districts on the November ballot that include part of Lancaster County.

In District 2, which covers east Lincoln, Robert Clements is running against Sarah Slattery.

District 26, which covers the east central part of Lincoln, features a battle between George Dungan III and Russ Barger. Incumbent Matt Hansen is running for Lancaster County Clerk.

In District 28, former Lincoln City Council members Roy Christensen and Jane Raybould are on the ballot.

Lincoln Councilman James Michael Bowers is running for Sen. Adam Morfeld’s District 46 seat. District 46 covers areas north and northeast of Lincoln. Former state Sen. Daniel Conrad will also appear on the ballot. Conrad was elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 2006 and 2010. State senators are term-limited after serving two consecutive terms, after which they must wait four years before running for re-election.

We sent questionnaires to candidates for state legislature serving in Lancaster County. Candidate responses will be published verbatim and will not be edited for spelling, grammar or content. Click on each candidate’s name for their responses.

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