Lazy Acres helps everyone celebrate the fall season

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Whether it’s watching the pig races or picking pumpkins, the fun comes with a lot of work.

“Oh, that’s a big deal. Our family works hard all year for this month and also prepares for our Christmas season, so it’s a huge amount of work that goes into it. We have a large staff. And we all work incredibly hard,” said Lazy Acres Owner and Operator, Michael May.

“Lazy Acres provides a very fun pumpkin patch for kids, but also provides many other activities for them to enjoy.”

“So the main thing is that people come out and can enjoy things as a family and have a good time. Just watching the kids have a good time. It makes all the hard work worth it,” May said.

And while many other businesses have struggled over the past few years due to COVID-19, Lazy Acres has seen nothing but growth since day one.

“Oh, it’s growing every year. I remember the first year we started with 300 or 400 people and then I think last year we probably ended up with 15, 16,000 people. In fact, COVID helped us keep it going because people were looking for things to do outdoors. Thus, many people found us that year, said May.

And when autumn ends, Christmas is just around the corner and the farm offers something special then.

“Some things we have come up with. We have our Christmas lights, so don’t forget us at Christmas because it starts on Thanksgiving night,” May said.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can visit Lazy Acres website to buy cheap tickets before coming to the farm.

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