Judge rules against UNL after reporter denies request for information on Frost’s restructuring deal

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLLEN) – A district court judge ordered the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide information on former coach Scott Frost’s renewed contract on Tuesday.

District Court Judge Ryan Post ruled against the University, stating that they must provide information about the metrics agreed to in Frost’s restructuring contract with USA Today.

On April 8, USA Today filed a public records request with UNL to include records that would include the metrics agreed to in Frost’s revised contract. A similar request was made on May 3 for information on the dimensions of Fred Hoiberg’s contract. This request was denied.

The university denied both requests, citing that the information did not fall under the “personal information exemption.” USA Today sued UNL, and the matter went to trial on September 30 and October 6.

The university tried to argue that the request was now a moot point because of Frost’s firing. However, the judge said the shooting was not relevant to whether public records are subject to disclosure under current law. The judge also said the information did not fall within the “personal information exemption” outlined by UNL.

The university has seven days to release those scores, and Trev Alberts, director of athletics, says they will not appeal the judge’s ruling.

“It’s not really a big secret,” Alberts said. “What I wanted from Scott and what we talked about a lot was incremental progress. So what Scott and I talked about was getting into a bowl game. “We’re not going to make it to a bowl game, at least six games. So if we can win six games and get to a bowl game, then we can go back to his original contract.”

Alberts wanted a verbal agreement, but Frost wanted something in writing.

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