IOP residents are calling on the city council to protect Divlje Dunes from development

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WCBD) – The first of two Isle of Palms public hearings regarding a possible development at Wild Dunes Resort brought dozens of residents to City Hall to share their opposition to the potential project Tuesday night.

Some of the green space, golf course and recreational areas within Wild Dunes Resort could be paved over to make room for hotels, apartments, condos or homes.

On Tuesday evening, there was a very negative response from the residents.

“The residents tell you what they want. I hope you listen,” said one resident.

“That’s enough. I hope you don’t take the bait. Don’t drive a wedge into us. We’re not divided,” said another.

The City Council has the authority to protect and preserve the area by passing several ordinances that are being debated. A total of five of them were written specifically about development in the Wild Dunes community.

“Council directed staff to initiate changes to the zoning code that would have the effect of limiting permitted development within Wild Dunes to today’s current levels,” said Douglas Kerr, the city’s director of building, planning and zoning.

At a special city council meeting earlier this month, all five ordinances passed first reading 8-1.

Councilman Kevin Popson was the only no vote on the ordinances.

However, there is still a long way to go before the ordinances become law, including a second public hearing, a recommendation from the planning commission and a second reading and vote by the city council.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the public overwhelmingly urged the city council to continue with the ordinance and say no to commercialization and development within the Wild Dunes community.

“I will adjourn when the council listens to the people who take the time to come here and ask the council we elected to do the right thing,” said former council member and IOP resident Randy Bell.

One resident presented details of a petition signed by more than 750 IOP residents, opposing development at Wild Dunes, and encouraging council members to vote in favor of the ordinances.

Another public hearing is scheduled for November 1 at 5:00 p.m. in the IOP recreation center.

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