I have ‘chemistry’ with Gary King

Sailboat Below Deck's Daisy Kelliher Admits She and Gary King Have 'Chemistry' During Flirty BravoCon Panel

Daisy Kelliher with Gary King inset. NBC (2)

More than friends? Daisy Kelliher and Gary King fueled romance speculation as they attended BravoCon 2022 together.

The Sailboat below deck co-stars caused a stir during the “Below Deck: Crew Oughta Know” panel on Friday, October 14, as they exchanged glances and flirtatious behavior, an eyewitness exclusively told Us Weekly.

“He knows I hate his hair like that,” Daisy, 34, playfully said at the event after the actress Aesha Scott asked where Daisy and Gary, 32, stood romantically. (Gary has his hair down instead of in a ponytail.)

The first officer, for his part, reflected on his so-called flirtatious manner, saying Us and other reporters on Friday, “I think you have the wrong person.”

The former boss noted that it’s fine to flirt on a yacht as long as you “treat people with respect,” to which Daisy replied, “You treat people with respect?”

When Gary quipped, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” the main stew quickly responded, “Have you been watching the same show? Sorry, I’ll stop.”

Daisy seemed to be referring to her and Gary’s steamy hot tub hookup from Season 3, which aired earlier this year.

“I was just trying to enjoy the hot tub, enjoying myself with Daisy,” Gary explained to the BravoCon crowd, claiming, “All of a sudden Daisy, like, attacked me.”

The Irish native, for her part, recalled Gary getting out of the hot tub looking “really sad”. She revealed: “He got up and ate a cucumber with a wrapper on it. I was sad that I didn’t pass.”

Gary then turned the tables and asked fans a question: “Who thinks Daisy and I would make a good match?” After the crowd erupted in cheers, he joked: “Obviously, nobody Daisy.”

During the Naughty Yachts edition of Never Never, Daisy and Gary are once again put on the hot seat.

When asked if anyone on the panel had ever “worked” in a hot tub with another crew member, Gary leaned toward Daisy, the eyewitness said Us. Daisy, however, shut down the insinuation, saying, “No! We didn’t have sex.”

The South African native then kissed her on the cheek, prompting Daisy to admit: “I admit two years later we have chemistry. That’s it though. Everyone stop looking at me.”

Earlier this year, the Bravo stars raised eyebrows when they posted a picture together at Disneyland. “So our phones blew up. He made a funny story that was, like, ‘Yeah, we’re dating.’ And no, we’re just friends,” Daisy exclusively said Us February’s viral moment. “We’re happy to be two adults who can share a kiss and stay friends.”

At the time, she insisted that it would be a “stupid move [get] wrapped in Gary” after experiencing the highs and lows with the yacht in seasons 2 and 3 of the show.

“I think we really care about each other a lot. Last year we did, we are working this year as well”, added Daisy. “So we have a complicated friendship, but no, we’re not meant for each other.”

Five months later, the duo fueled romance speculation once again when Daisy posted a photo on Instagram in honor of Gary’s birthday. “Come back to London soon 😘,” she wrote the July clip.

Sailboat below deck The fourth season will be broadcast on Bravo in 2023.

With reporting by Eliza Thompson

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