How to Sign Up for Polk County’s New Emergency Alert System

DES MOINES – Polk County is launching its new emergency alert system on Wednesday. The new system, Alert Iowa, sends alerts directly to people’s phones.

Polk County Emergency Management urges all residents to sign up for the alert system at Web page. When people sign up, they can choose what types of notifications they want to receive and how they want to receive them.

The system will send weather alerts from the National Weather Service, but will also be used to send alerts for other emergency situations.

“A missing person we need to get that information quickly. Someone who’s armed, a suspect in the area, a person who’s escaped from jail or prison, that could be a security threat. That kind of information that we can’t get is what we’re going to use it for ” said Tracey Bearden, 911 coordinator for Polk County Emergency Management.

Bearden said the move to Alert Iowa for the county’s emergency alert system is cheaper and more effective for disseminating important information to residents.

Polk County Emergency Management will send out a test for the system later today. All residents are invited to apply. Bearden said the new emergency system could save lives.

“If you don’t report and something happens in that area, you’re not going to get that alert, so this is one way for first responders and other officers that have the ability to ask for an alert to be sent out to make sure, keep you informed and these the information will get out faster than any other way,” Bearden said.

To sign up for the new emergency alert system, visit Polk County’s Web page.

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